This blog has been created to discuss various theological issues and as a forum to answer theological questions. Many theological/biblical questions people have come from incorrect information--hence the blog name. It is my aim to answer these questions according to Holy Scripture.

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24 May 2006

The Blessings of Weekly Communion

Now Available! The Blessings of Weekly Communion -- at pricing for multiple quantity orders.

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The Lord's Supper is at the heart of Christ's promised presence for Christians and also at the heart of the weekly worship of God's gathered people.

In The Blessings of Weekly Communion (15-5068WEB), author Kenneth W. Wieting focuses on the gifts of this Holy Meal-forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation-and its importance in the life of the believer.

From the ancient church to the recovery efforts of the Reformation, the opportunity to receive the Lord's Supper each week has been central to worship through the centuries. Wieting explores this ongoing emphasis on the Sacrament with special concern for its continued celebration as a part of every Divine Service.

Your Price: $23.99
Author(s): Wieting, Rev. Kenneth
Format: Paperback

View this book at Concordia Publishing House. Site includes pdf viewable sample of the book.

18 May 2006

This Really Makes Me Mad

You know what really makes me mad? When actors like Ian McKellen (more affectionately known as "Gandalf" in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy) make blasphemous comments about the Bible and how it should have a disclaimer at the beginning saying that it is fiction. This "theologically-incorrect" individual needs Jesus more than anyone I know! See his comments at the following link on the Today's Show on May 17, 2006. The link: Newsbusters

The "Theologically-Incorrect" da Vinci Code

On May 19th the movie version of Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code, will open at local theaters.

It is estimated that more than 25 million people have read this fictional novel which questions many of the foundational beliefs of Holy Scripture and the life of Christ. Although most of us will probably not be standing in line to be the first on our block to see the movie, many of our friends and acquaintances will be and the questions generated by this novel and movie will give us all an opportunity to talk about our faith and basic beliefs.

In an interview, Ron Howard, the director of the film, reminds us as does the author of the novel, Dan Brown, this IS FICTION. The movie is filled with mystery, suspense, danger, controversy, and legend. That this story pretends to be a legitimate conspiracy is more of a brilliant marketing scheme than a significant attack on history.

We have to remind people where they found this book: in the fiction section.
It's a good lesson for all of us about telling the truth all the time because if you blend any part of the truth with a story, it all becomes fiction, and no one knows how to separate the truth from the lie.

May I remind you of the words of our Lord himself, "I AM the way and the TRUTH and the life, no one comes to the Father, but by me"(John 14:6). "Sanctify us, O Lord, by Thy Truth; Thy Word IS TRUTH!" John 17:17
The Lord be with you!

15 May 2006

Ask Freely!

If you have a question that you would like to have answered on this site, please submit your question to the comment section under this post or email me directly at and I will address it as quickly as I can. Happy asking!

10 May 2006

This Really Makes Me Mad

I am a Missouri-Synod Lutheran Pastor and I just received the other day a CD which was put outside the church door entitled "Give to your Pastor". I began listening to it and realized this was a CD put together to blast certain clergy in the community in which this "other church" did not agree. It was telling all who listened (primarily clergy) that we were leading people straight into hell because of our grace by faith theology! The problem with this theologically incorrect individual was the fact that he is in fact leading his sheep right into hell with his works-righteous comments! What say you?