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02 September 2008

This Really Makes Me Mad!

I can't believe what my eyes are seeing and what my ears are hearing! I can't believe the liberal media--make that radically liberal media--who has nothing better to do than find dirt on good, honest, excellent, moral, loving Christian people. I'm talking about what the liberal media is doing to Governor Palin and her family.

I find it absolutely humorous to see that the liberal media is calling the kettle black. Liberal Hollywood is so fast to let people like 16 year-old Jamie Lynn Spears off the hook because it's just normal Hollywood behavior to get pregnant before you're married. It's also normal liberal Hollywood behavior to get divorced over and over and over again.

And what's more, to discredit her husband for getting a D.W.I. when he was 22 years old. This is funny, too, when countless, I mean countless, Hollywood superstar actor and actresses get busted for D.W.I.'s all the time. Talk about a double standard. Talk about THEOLOGICALLY-INCORRECT!

It's funny how the liberal media sweeps under the carpet that Barak Obama was doing cocaine back when he was 21 years old. If we're going to point fingers in this political election time, let's remember that there is always three fingers pointing back.

It's funny to think how often the liberal media says how "judgmental" the Christians are today, but when it can feed their liberal agenda, they sure become judgmental themselves! Since when did the liberal media all of a sudden grow moral values, or even a conscience for that matter? All I can say is that you have way too much time on your hands. Pretty sad if you ask me! Leave Governor Palin and her family alone and let the Republicans win outright because you can't trump the McCain/Palin ticket!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Look at the coverage the media gives Barack. He is the liberal media's wet dream. It's what makes them lose sleep at night. What do they have to say about morals? Who lets Democrats and liberal activist people off the hook by not covering their unintelligent or rash decisions? Yeah, McCain was on Ellen this morning, but right after him was a man who lived down in the Caribbean who rescued dogs from the local dump. He has nothing better to do than rescue dogs near death. To Ellen, and most Democrats, this is just the next best thing since sliced bread. Of course, he's given a big check and said that this is what everybody should be doing. Not to mention that we're tearing the brains out of HUMAN babies and KILLING them while still helpless in the womb. But caring for dying dogs in Jamaica or wherever is more important, and praised at that! It's time for a bias check in the media, and we wonder why Fox News is doing so well in the ratings and the major network news and the New York Times are suffering in ratings. Hmm...maybe time to recheck their bias. Oh wait, the media is supposed to be blind to bias!! Oops, somebody got on the liberal train too fast. Great work Cody.

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