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18 May 2006

The "Theologically-Incorrect" da Vinci Code

On May 19th the movie version of Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code, will open at local theaters.

It is estimated that more than 25 million people have read this fictional novel which questions many of the foundational beliefs of Holy Scripture and the life of Christ. Although most of us will probably not be standing in line to be the first on our block to see the movie, many of our friends and acquaintances will be and the questions generated by this novel and movie will give us all an opportunity to talk about our faith and basic beliefs.

In an interview, Ron Howard, the director of the film, reminds us as does the author of the novel, Dan Brown, this IS FICTION. The movie is filled with mystery, suspense, danger, controversy, and legend. That this story pretends to be a legitimate conspiracy is more of a brilliant marketing scheme than a significant attack on history.

We have to remind people where they found this book: in the fiction section.
It's a good lesson for all of us about telling the truth all the time because if you blend any part of the truth with a story, it all becomes fiction, and no one knows how to separate the truth from the lie.

May I remind you of the words of our Lord himself, "I AM the way and the TRUTH and the life, no one comes to the Father, but by me"(John 14:6). "Sanctify us, O Lord, by Thy Truth; Thy Word IS TRUTH!" John 17:17
The Lord be with you!


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