This blog has been created to discuss various theological issues and as a forum to answer theological questions. Many theological/biblical questions people have come from incorrect information--hence the blog name. It is my aim to answer these questions according to Holy Scripture.

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15 May 2006

Ask Freely!

If you have a question that you would like to have answered on this site, please submit your question to the comment section under this post or email me directly at and I will address it as quickly as I can. Happy asking!


Anonymous Wendy said...

I have some friends in my LCMS church who believe that the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit are still available to us today (miracles, healing, prophesy...). I have read and studied my Bible, and to me scripture seems to support this view. What do you believe?

10:07 PM  
Blogger Rev. Richard S. Cody said...

See above post on the blog for answer! Thanks for asking! Visit again with another question!

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Pastor Cody,

My husband and I think that God, through a series of dreams and strange coincidences, may be calling us to adopt a needy orphan from another country. (We are open to this new idea and have begun to seriously look into it.) We have three young biological children and my family thinks we're crazy. In your opinion, is it possible that God could be leading us in this direction, or are we indeed certifiable. How can we be sure of God's will in this?


8:03 PM  

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