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01 November 2006

I have some friends in my LCMS church who believe that the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit are still available to us today (miracles, healing, p

Yes, I agree with your question about whether or not Scripture supports the giving of spiritual gifts today. I think that miracles happen all the time in church--every Sunday as a matter of fact. If you have ever witnessed a child being Baptized, you have just witnessed one of the greatest miracles you can behold with your eyes on this side of eternity's curtain. If you come to the Lord's Supper each Lord's Day, you are also experiencing a miracle as the Pastor places Christ's Body and Blood in your mouth. You are receiving the Resurrected and Living Christ--and along with Him, forgiveness, life, and salvation. You become as close to Christ in the Supper as were the disciples of our Lord. Can there be any greater miracle?

As to prophesy and tongues and other gifts, I agree that these gifts are still given today. I am skeptical, however, as to how those gifts are used. These can be abused as can any gift we are given. If they are used in a spiritual fashion and in accord with how they are used in Scripture then, okay. However, if they are used to help fund-raising in the church by speaking in tongues and then somebody jumping up and saying, "I know, I know, what he said, 'He said we need to raise a million dollars to build a new church!'" then the "so called gift" is abused. Also, some of our Pentecostal/Assemblies of God brethren have abused the gift of tongues by trying to teach their people how to speak in tongues and this, too, is theologically-incorrect! God gives the gifts according to His own good pleasure.


Blogger L P Cruz said...

Pr. Cody,

A question asked of me being an ex-Charismaniac is how do I view the gifts now.

Honestly on the one hand I read that the Church Fathers experienced these gifts and on the other, I focus now on Jesus and His Cross. I can not commit to say that it has been shelved by God, though as your post pointed out - it is definitely abused and even mis-represented today. Also there is tendency to make people seek after them.

I think there should be a way to properly handle them, most of the expounders of course come from pietistic groups, I shall be interested in an orthodox exposition on how they should be handled and presented.


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