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10 June 2006

What About Cremation?

I have often been asked by members of the congregation, "Pastor, what is the Church's view on cremation?"

The Church once had the view that cremation was inappropriate. It felt this way because back in the early church, many of the pagans would burn the bodies of their dead in spite of the Christians belief in the physical resurrection of the body in the Last Day. So to counter the pagans burning of the bodies, the Church decided that it would not participate in cremation.

Out of this stand on cremation, many supersitions and false beliefs about it have surfaced and unfortunately still exist today.

However, today, there is nothing wrong with cremation. The pagans, though many still exist in our world today, are not into burning their dead to spite the resurrection. So, if you wish to choose cremation over a regular casket burial, it is perfectly normal. Many choose cremation for financial reasons, even though cremation can get quite costly itself.

If you still have questions about it, consider talking to your pastor about your options. The Lord be with you!

See the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's official position on cremation by pushing the link provided for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear St. John's:

I grew up in the Friestatt Trinity Lutheran Church. My dad, Herbert Bremer and mother, Della Bremer belonged to St. John's at the time of their deaths. I moved out of state at age 18 to join the Marine Corps. I have lived all over the USA but would like to be buried in Monett. I plan on a cremation. Can I buy a lot at your cemetary where my mom and dad are buried? Please let me know. Thanks.

Dan Bremer
PO Box 1211
Lake Par, GA 31636

10:33 AM  

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